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What Is the Best Pre-Law Major? - Best Value.

Law school applicants should have a variety of courses on their transcripts, including studies in the areas of business, logic, and social studies, among others. While most colleges do not ask students to complete a set of required courses for law school, there are certain classes and majors that can best prepare students for the rigors of this field of study. Contrary to popular belief, there are no perquisites for law school. Law school students come from nearly every discipline. The best major for a law degree is the one that you sincerely desire to study. In doing so, the coursework will keep your attention, you will make good.

Students who are interested in becoming lawyers may think that they have a good understanding of the best pre-law majors for their undergraduate degree, but the truth is far more complicated. As U.S. News and World Report points out, while students can opt to take a pre-law or preprofessional major, it. 30/05/2018 · But before you can go to law school, you need to go to college. And law school is its own beast. So if you are a high school student or college student who knows that you want to be a lawyer, what major should you choose? What degree best prepares you for doing well in law school? Today we’re going to discuss the right major. Welcome to our ranking of the top prelaw programs! If you want to go to law school, what should you major in as an undergraduate? It might seem like a no-brainer that the answer to this question is "pre-law," as the name actually means "before law [school]." But the American Bar Association ABA is. 29/10/2012 · But some schools say their undergraduate programs can pave the way to law school. Future Law Students Should Avoid Prelaw Majors,. "Law schools are pretty good about being able to discern the difference between a 4.0 [GPA] in art versus a 4.0 in chemistry," she says, noting a difference between "hard" majors—such as.

Besides having a high LSAT score and a strong GPA, law schools generally have few prerequisites in admissions, meaning students can major in whatever they choose. Economics, however, is a degree that provides particularly good training for success in law school. 04/01/2020 · What Degrees Prepare You for Law School? Admission to law school requires an undergraduate degree from a 4-year school. Although there are no specific undergraduate degrees required to enter law school, liberal arts degree programs in areas such as political science, philosophy, history or English can help prepare you for it.

17/04/2010 · Majoring in theater and getting a 3.8 is NOT ahead of someone graduating in accounting with a 3.3 from a good business school. Sorry folks. They don't need to report majors. You have to demonstrate intelligence through your application, but schools want diverse majors and. What did you major and minor in for law school? Post by. 23/02/2011 · I was wondering if a bachelors degree in Finance is a good degree to obtain before going into Law School. Most people opt to get a degree in PoliSci, history or English. However, I believe the analytical skills that one learns through a Finance degree, in addition to a better job market for Finan. Psychology major for prospective law school student. Replies to: Psychology major for prospective law school student 1. let's take the philosophy major instead." My guess is that most majors are lumped together - psych is a good major, not killer hard but not a joke.

10/05/2017 · Did you know that pre-law is not considered an actual major by most universities in the United States? Most times, there isn’t even an official pre-law concentration available to students. So how do you know whether a school is good for pre-law students? Unlike medical schools, law schools do. Classics, Philosophy majors do best when it comes to getting into law school Submitted by Alicia Albertson on Tue, 04/22/2014 - 4:19pm The law school applicants with the highest grade point averages and LSAT scores studied the classics in college, according to a recent analysis of data from the Law School Admissions Council by Derek Muller, associate professor at Pepperdine University School. 31/08/2008 · I plan on majoring in psychology, but my sole goal is to enter law school and become an attorney. Will majoring in psychology help me prepare for law school and a career in law, and is it an appropiate major for law school? Does anyone know anybody that has majored in psychology and entered law school? Thanks. Liberal arts majors like the ones above make good preparation for law school because they help you develop the thinking and communication skills you'll need. But any major that develops these types of skills can prepare you for law school. You may have heard about prelaw programs. Most schools don’t offer a prelaw major. 07/09/2010 · The OP wasn't asking about entrepreneurship, banking, or finance though, and if he were then Top Law Schools isn't really the place to get advice about that. What the OP asked specifically was what would be a good major for getting into corporate law, and the correct response to that query is "whatever major gives you the best GPA.".

Future Law Students Should Avoid Prelaw.

Regardless of what major you decide on, just try to get good grades so that you can get into a good law school. I have friends that were music, art, or theatre majors that did very well during UG and then went to very good law schools and did very well there, too. Both of the answers that I see here are correct. Computer science is a good major in that it leads to patent law, and patent law is not only fairly lucrative, but law schools like to admit people whom they believe have a good chance of getting a j. The fact that political science is a common major for pre-law students does not make it a bad idea for you to major in political science. The thing that would make it a bad idea to major in political science is if you’re not interested in politica. Along with good grades in college courses, a law student needs to build an attractive portfolio to show to prospective employers. Law school applicants should consult with advisers to determine what opportunities are available through the school. Among the criteria law schools use to determine a law school applicant's admission eligibility are. 05/12/2014 · You’re probably wondering if it’s even possible to select an undergraduate college with law school in mind. Should you major in English, Econ, History or Philosophy? Everyone SAYS there’s no formula for getting into law school, but it’s clear that some undergraduate programs are more law-friendly than others. Here’s our.

What Degrees Prepare You for Law School?

11/10/2012 · Majors to Choose for Aspiring Lawyers. The standard academic path for lawyers is a 4-year undergraduate degree, then a Juris Doctor JD program at an accredited law school. Options include pre-law majors or concentration areas offered as. Discover the best jobs for pre-law/legal studies degree majors, the skills required to get them,. interests, and personality traits. Many pre-law majors plan on attending law school, but there are other options to consider, either as an interim job while deciding on or applying to law school, or as an alternative career option. 1. No one course of undergraduate study is superior to others when your goal is to attend law school, according to the American Bar Association. Students enter law school from a wide array of disciplines, and law schools typically don't require students to have completed any.

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